What We Do

At My New App we specialise in developing bespoke mobile apps & websites to help grow your business. Our research informs us that too many businesses are building mobile apps on budgets they simply cannot afford. We are proud to introduce a solution to this problem.

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Websites

  • Bespoke Design & Branding: Your mobile application becomes your brand ambassador. Freedom to design your business's unique image.

  • Time: Users Spend More Time on Apps. Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% of their time on mobile websites. (Source - Click here)

  • Speed: Mobile apps are faster than mobile websites. A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website.

  • Efficiency: Mobile apps offer greater operational efficiency for your business, along with multiple other exclusive features, including personalisation.

  • Social Media: Increase social media engagement and gain more followers organically.

  • Multiple features: Once downloaded, mobile device features include a camera that can scan PDFs, QR codes, NFCs for payments and GPS locators to connect with maps.

  • Communication: Ease of sending push notifications.

  • Customer Engagement: Mobile apps enable businesses to engage customers in two-way conversations about their latest purchases, user-experiences and future purchases, this adds greater value and more revenue for your business.

  • Offline potential: Although apps might require internet connectivity to perform most of their tasks, they can still offer basic content and functionality to users in offline mode.

  • Cost: Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time and this reduces marketing costs for your business and also improves productivity.

What We Offer

We build E-Commerce mobile apps for SMEs, organisations, charities and individuals, fully branded for your business.

Value for money

We understand the budgeting constraints experienced by SMEs and start ups. This is why providing value to our customers is one of our top priorities.


All apps have E-Commerce capability. Business owners are fully in control of their own marketing, supported at all times by the MyNewApp team.

Booking System

Your customers can easily book appointments or make reservations directly from your mobile business app.

Push Notifications

Every business owner/manager have the capability to send out push notifications to their customers.
(i.e. offers and promotions)


Your customers can share offers, promotions, experiences and pictures with their contacts. This generates more followers for your business across all social media platforms.

GPS Locator

Your customers can find your business address efficiently on Google Maps with the help of inbuilt map functionality in our mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

About Us

At MyNewApp.com we truly understand the influence mobile devices have on consumers today. We offer native app development for Android & iOS mobile devices. Our team of highly skilled developers and programmers are 100% committed to offering our clients the most up-to-date mobile technologies. We fully support new ideas and offer bespoke mobile apps based on your needs. We guarantee the highest quality of speed and efficiency for your branded mobile app at the most competitive price on the market.

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